ENG and WAG File Examples

These example ENG and WAG files put all the separate pieces together to support the creation of "realistic" ENg or WAG files for a steam locomotive, just change the relevant values.

They are based upon NSWGR standards, which may different functions compared to the system that you are modelling. For example NSWGR used single pipe air brakes, if you need vaccum brake, then you will need to swap out the appropriate sections.

If you wish to use any of these examples as templates, either cut and paste the text into your working file, or you can right clickt to download the file and then edit it as appropriate.

Typical ENG and WAg File Layout

For ease of reading and finding information these example files have been structured with the following layouts:

Tender or WAG File
WAG File Layout
Steam Locomotive ENG File
Steam ENG File Layout

ENG and WAG File Examples

Simple, Saturated Locomotive

Example - Steam Locomotive - Saturated (Updated Aug, 2015)

Simple, Superheated Locomotive

Example - Steam Locomotive - Superheated

Geared Locomotive

Example - Steam Locomotive - Fixed Gear


Example - Steam Locomotive - Selectable Gear

Compound Locomotive

Example - Steam Locomotive - Compound (Updated Aug, 2015)

Steam Locomotive Tender

Example - Steam Locomotive Tender (Updated Aug, 2015)

Passenger Carriage

Example - Passenger Carriage (Added Aug, 2015)

Once the files have been built, make sure that they are tested using some of these performance tests